6-12 Summer Bike Camps


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Summer 2020 Trail Blazers Full Day Bike Camps (Ages 6 to 12)

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

  • Camp #1: July 6 - 10   $280
  • Camp #2: July 13 - 17  $280
  • Camp #3: July 20 - 24  $280
  • Camp #4: July 27 - 31  $280
  • Camp #5: August 10 - 14  $280
  • Camp #6: August 17 - 21  $280
  • Camp #7: August 24 - 28 $280



A fun, safe and memorable summer program available to local participants aged 6-13. The program develops your child build their confidence, foster friendships with their peers and develop intermediate and advanced mountain biking skills. This program connects kids with certified NCCP coaches. We offer this camp in weekly sessions with fun events including theme days, camp games, races, and lots of outdoor adventures to add to the experience. Your kids will learn riding techniques such as uphill, downhill, tight turns, braking, gearing, and how to properly adjust their bike to fit themselves. With this week long camp, we will also be introducing endurance challenges with a focus on obstacles, front and back wheel lifts and single track riding, this course will challenge kids to be more successful riders.

Activities Include:

  • Trails Riding & Skills Park
  • Bike Maintenance
  • Weekly fun races
  • Outdoor Team Challenges and Games

Groups will be made based on ages and abilities to ensure the best possible experience and skill development in your child. (Ex. Ages 6 - 8 yrs, 8 - 10 yrs, 11 - 12 yrs)

What Riders Need to Bring:

  • Water, Snack, Lunch
  • Gloves
  • All-weather clothing
  • Bike helmet
  • Bicycle  
  • Cloth mask

For questions, please contact Head Bike Coach at cycle@caledonianordic.com

Our COVID plan can be found here


Meet the Coaches

Rennae Pillipow

Mountain Bike Head Coach
  •  NCCP Mtb Coach Certified
  • 90hr Asolo Wilderness 1st Aid
  • St John's 1st Aid Instructor


G’day all,

I have been a teacher in the Prince George School District since 1995 and specialize in teaching Outdoor Recreation, PE and Science, and have also taught a few Art courses along the way .

My passions are focused on outdoor activities and the exploration of wilderness spaces. I enjoy many recreational pursuits, but my great loves are Mt biking, skiing (all forms) and canoeing.

Introducing kids to new ways of discovering and playing in the outdoors is my primary focus in life.  I have been coordinating outdoor programs and teaching adventure pursuits for over 35 years; recreation director in cancer camps, Sport and Rec program coordinator for summer camps in Australia, recreation instructor for teens running kids summer camps both in Australia and Prince George’s Dept. of Leisure Services, program coordinator for Carney Hill Neighborhood center and more recently developing outdoor recreation courses for Gr’s 6-12 in SD57.   

I’m looking forward to directing the Mt Bike summer camps at Caledonia Nordic Center, guiding camp leaders as they explore not only Mt biking coaching opportunities with the kids, but also introducing their young charges to the wonders of the outdoors.




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