Youth Cyclocross 

Wednesday Evenings (TBD)


Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kids active and on their bikes in the Fall Shoulder season? I know I am. Cyclocross is considered to be one of the most accessible forms of riding for all ages, from kids to adults. This sport was designed to challenge the riders while making it SUPER FUN!! Ride through mud, sand, grass and even SNOW!!

Why Cyclocross?

The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club is excited to be offering yet another opportunity to get your kids on Bikes. We will be hosting a six week program using various facilities to teach the kids how to cyclocross. This is a building sport in the community with a small race series hosted by the Prince George Cycling Club. We will be using the Nordic Club trails, The Hart Ski Hill and various fields and parks throughout the city (We will keep everyone posted on locations based on weather and availability. We want to provide a variety of terrain for the kids. We are pumped for this.


Who: All kids ages 8-16 yrs (if you have a confident rider beyond these ages on either side, please contact:

Parents are invited to participate

What do I need: Bike (mountain bike or cyclocross preferred) and a helmet, appropriate clothing for the weather, water

Where: Various locations, including the Nordic Club, Hart Ski Hill, various parks and school yards

How much: $100 for 6 sessions, includes a membership to CBC

Why: Because it is awesome and we are excited to have LOTS of fun.

When: TBD

Will I get dirty?: YES!!

What will we do: Learn the skills required for Cyclocross and participate in some fun races. We will also encourage participation and provide support in the Cyclocross series hosted this season by PGCC


Your kids will be riding hard, taking tight corners, hopping on and off their bikes, getting dirty and having FUN! Best part about Cyclocross is the smiles on the kids faces, covered in mud!



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