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JUNIOR RACERS - Cross Country


(There is a good deal of important information here, please read through to the end)

The Junior Racer Program at Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (“CNSC”) is open to biathletes and cross-country skiers who are 13 years of age or older (born in 2005 or earlier) who have either come through the Track Attack ski program or have previous skate and classic skiing experience or other athletic experiences that will allow for fitness and skills to match the group’s training needs. This represents the Train-to-Train, or older, phase of athlete development.

Our program is supported year round (May-March), by Head Coach Nicole Perrin, as well as dedicated volunteer club coaches and parents who continue to develop athletes throughout the training calendar. Athletes who sit on BC Ski or Biathlon Teams will also see the benefits of provincial camp experiences to help their skill and fitness developments. The club is currently trying to hire a professional biathlon coach.

Spring training tends to use non-specific modes like paddling, swimming, road biking, running, and local events to maintain fitness levels. We also have a fitness-testing program to help monitor athlete gains, and see how prescribed training is working for athletes.

Summer training we see the start of ski-specific training like roller skiing, ski bounding, as well as non-specific modes mentioned above. Families are asked to help lead weekend long volume activities through the summer months.

In fall and winter session we are focused on ski-specific and biathlon activities, as well as camps, to get ourselves focused on being our best for when the snow flies and competitions start.

Athletes in this program strive to achieve their personal bests through training towards racing in local loppets, BC’s regional and provincial competition circuits, as well as Canadian National Championships and beyond.


Schedule, Times and Fees:

Fall (September 11, 2018 - First Snow or December 1, 2018)

Tuesday, Thursday - 6:00-7:30 pm and Saturday - 10:00 am -12:00 pm

Winter (December 4  - March 30, 2019 (End date is snow dependant)

Tuesday & Thursday - 6:00-7:30pm; Wednesday 4:30 - 6:00pm and Saturday - 10:00 am -12:00 pm

*FEE (for Fall and Winter combined): Juniors (age 13-15) ... $618 Seniors (age 16+) .... $721 Registration is due September 15, 2018

* All participants must have a CNSC membership. We will continue to fundraise to cover additional costs for the program including coach travel, wax testing, etc

Practice Locations and details are communicated using Coach's Calendar

Spring/Fall Equipment:

  • Skate and Classic roller skis
  • Skate and Classic boots
  • Skate and Classic poles with roller ski ferrules
  • Knee Pads for new Roller Skiers Recommended
  • Short classic poles for ski bounding
  • Road or Mtn Bike for Road cycling
  • Bike helmet, Gloves
  • Hi visibility vest or t shirt for roller skiing
  • Good quality trail running shoes
  • Yoga mat
  • Heart rate monitor (Highly recommended)
  • Head Lamp
  • Watch with a count down repeat setting or HR monitor with a timer on it.
  • Training/Racing Log Book- Ask Graeme about Training Peaks Account.
  • Water Bottle that can be worn while training.
  • Clothing to Participate in ALL weather conditions.

Winter Equipment:

  • Skate Training and Racing Skis
  • Classic Training and Racing Skis. (Zero Skis are becoming an asset especially for nationals)
  • Skate and Classic Ski Boots
  • Skate and Classic Poles.
  • Larger ski basket options for warm/soft snow
  • Good quality trail running shoes
  • Yoga mat
  • Appropriate Gloves, Toques, Mitts, Face covering (buff)
  • Wool Socks
  • Wicking Layers (not cotton)
  • Warm Up or Training Weight clothing
  • CNSC Race Suit
  • CNSC Toque (ALTAGAS)
  • Glasses or Visors for different light and weather conditions
  • Heart rate monitor (Highly recommended)
  • Head Lamp (Mandatory to have on the skier at all practices)
  • Watch with a count down repeat setting or HR monitor with a timer on it.
  • Training/Racing Log Book- Ask Graeme about Training Peaks Account.
  • Water Bottle that can be worn while training.
  • Clothing to Participate in ALL weather conditions ex (+5 and Raining to -20 wind and snow)
  • Appropriately stocked wax box and waxing tools for training and race prep wax. (Please ask before you buy)

Fundraising and Volunteering:

The success of this program hinges on volunteer coaches and parent help in a variety of disciplines. For every athlete registered in the program, there is a need for volunteer help from at least one parent. Parents are encouraged to find a volunteer role that best suits their schedule, interest and abilities. The club requires both new and experienced coaches at various levels, so if you are interested in coaching and don’t want to coach your own child, that’s not a problem. We’ll help you find a suitable coaching role. The club provides coach training, and you provide your time and knowledge to develop future athletes. If you would prefer a volunteer task that does not involve coaching, fantastic! We’ve got tasks for you. Please complete the volunteer section on the Zone4 registration to identify your interests.

The 2018-2019 season brings the need to fundraise in order to support programs. A fundraising policy is currently under development. Families will be given the choice of actively participating in fundraising activities or paying a fundraising levy. More information will be distributed once the policy is finalized. If you would like to be involved in coordinating fundraising activities, please send an e-mail expressing your interest to programs@caledonianordic.com.

Travel/Food/Accommodations/Waxing and Ski Prep:

Our Team is family friendly, in fact we encourage you and yours to come to race weekends and camps with your athletes. We will ask for your help to manage our team with specific roles identified prior to our departure or the night before at team meetings. Let us find a place where you are comfortable to contribute to our team’s success! Thanks for your help!

Accommodations typically are block booked in advance so booking in the same facility is quite easy. It is expected that you will stay with the team at these identified accommodations. We try to make things as inexpensive as possible, including food. Kitchenettes or rooms with places for food prep are a priority so we can control what and when we feed our athletes. Food prep is done per family or family and “orphan” group with priority made in gathering together for team meals in the evenings.

If an athlete’s parents are unable to travel with their athlete, please make arrangements with other families for travel, meals, and/or support. These arrangements will not be the responsibility of the coach, team or program administrators. We would like to encourage as many CNSC athletes to travel as possible!

Waxing facilities vary depending on location of events. If we have outside waxing at the race site, we hope to have an inside location to prep skis the night before. If this is unavailable then ski prep is done outside.

Before we depart from Prince George we will ask parents/athletes to have race skis prepared with a base wax of choice. These details will be communicated in advance.

Athlete Expectations:

Athletes are required to read, understand, sign and fulfill our Athlete Code of Conduct. This document will bring to the forefront what we are looking for in terms of our team values, and how you will represent yourself and CNSC each day at Otway, or away at camps, races etc. Lets be great people, great athletes and great teammates!

Parent Expectations:

Parents are required to read, understand, sign and fulfill our Parent Code of Conduct. This document will bring to the forefront what we are looking for in terms of our team values, and how you will represent yourself and CNSC each day at Otway, or away at camps, races etc. Our parent team is equally as important as our athlete team. It is our goal to have our parent team invested in the success of each athlete in our club and team each and every day.

Positive People + Positive Place + Positive Sport = Positive Culture


Registration will open late August on Zone4.ca

  • Session registration closes Sept 15

Payment notes:

  • Online payment is by credit card only. Processing fees are added at checkout. In the interest of transparency these fees are no longer included in membership or program fees and are shown separately.
  • Program fees have credit card installment payment options available - an initial payment is due immediately and the remainder is paid monthly over the course of 3-5 months depending on the program.
  • The club is happy to offer FOUR  Cash/Cheque days -  Sept 15;  Oct 20;  Nov 10; and Dec 1 -  at the office from 9am - 4pm.    Cash/Cheque days allow you to save the cost of credit card fees.
  • Membership fees and Cash/Cheque payments must be paid in full.
  • GST is not included in listed prices and will be added at checkout.


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