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PLEASE NOTE: CNSC offers a variety of programming for 9 year olds. Visit this link to help you make an informed choice.


Biathlon Bears is a comprehensive program that teaches the skills required for the sport of biathlon. It is designed for children between ages 9-12 years (2007-2010 birth years) and is delivered through Canada’s biathlon clubs. It is a 3­-tiered program and participants are recognized as they progress through the levels. The fall session kicks off the winter season with dryland training.


September 10, 2019 - First Snow




First Snow - March 14, 2020




$617 (Includes wax fees for the Biathlon races supported by the Head Coach ** Wax for Nationals not included). Range fees separate.

*All participants must have a CNSC membership and a range pass, which can both be purchased at the time of registration. Additionally, participants must be members of Biathlon BC; this membership can be purchased on the Biathlon Canada website.

**We will continue to fundraise to cover additional costs for the program

Practice Locations and details are communicated using Coach's Calendar

Registration opens late August on and closes Sept. 15

Payment notes:

  • Online payment is by credit card only. Processing fees are added at checkout. In the interest of transparency these fees are no longer included in membership or program fees and are shown separately.
  • Program fees have credit card installment payment options available - an initial payment is due immediately and the remainder is paid monthly over the course of 3-5 months depending on the program.
  • The club is happy to offer FOUR  Cash/Cheque days -  Sept 14;  Oct 12;  Nov 9; and Dec 14 -  at the office from 9am - 4pm.    Cash/Cheque days allow you to save the cost of credit card fees.
  • Membership fees and Cash/Cheque payments must be paid in full.
  • GST is not included in listed prices and will be added at checkout.

**If you are a Biathlon Bear, please register only as a Biathlon Bear and do not register for Track Attack as well. Thank you. **



The Junior Development program is a program specific to Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, this is a program we have created to bridge the gap for athletes at the top age of Biathlon Bears but not the age of junior yet. The program is for those born in 2007 who have the ski skills, mental focus and drive to do some training with the Junior racers. This program will be a mix of training with Biathlon Bears and the Juniors.

The benefits of this program that Biathlon Bears does not have is an additional day in the fall training with the Juniors and having many of their training sessions through the winter with the Juniors.  This is an optional program for athletes born in 2007 or they can stay in Biathlon Bears. If you choose this program for your child and the coaches of the program feel the athlete should be in Biathlon Bears we will set up a meeting and discuss the reasons and the options.


Sept 10th - First snow

Tuesdays 5:45pm-7:30pm with Biathlon Bears

Thursdays 5:45pm-7:30pm with Junior racers

Saturdays: 9:45am-12:00pm with Biathlon Bears



First Snow - March 14

Tuesdays 5:45pm-7:30m with Biathlon Bears OR Junior Racers

Thursday 5:45pm-7:30pm with Biathlon Bears OR Junior Racers

Saturday 5:45pm-7:30pm with Biathlon Bears OR Junior Racers


$700 (Includes wax fees for the Biathlon races supported by the Head Coach ** Wax for Nationals not included). Range fees separate.


Fundraising and Volunteering:

The success of this program hinges on volunteer coaches and parent help in a variety of disciplines. For every child registered in the program, there is a need for volunteer help from at least one parent. Parents are encouraged to find a volunteer role that best suits their schedule, interest and abilities. The club requires both new and experienced coaches at various levels, so if you are interested in coaching and don’t want to coach your own child, that’s not a problem. We’ll help you find a suitable coaching role. The club provides coach training, and you provide your time and knowledge to develop future athletes. If you would prefer a volunteer task that does not involve coaching, fantastic! We’ve got tasks for you. Please complete the volunteer section on the Zone4 registration to identify your interests.

The 2018-2019 season brings the need to fundraise in order to support programs. A fundraising policy is currently under development. Families will be given the choice of actively participating in fundraising activities or paying a fundraising levy. More information will be distributed once the policy is finalized. If you would like to be involved in coordinating fundraising activities, please send an e-mail expressing your interest to



Fall Equipment:

  • Skate roller skis
  • Skate boots
  • Skate and Classic poles with roller ski ferrules
  • Knee Pads for new Roller Skiers Recommended
  • Short classic poles for ski bounding
  • Road or Mtn Bike for Road cycling
  • Bike helmet, Gloves
  • Hi visibility vest or t shirt for roller skiing
  • Good quality trail running shoes
  • Yoga mat
  • Head Lamp (A MUST)
  • Watch with a count down repeat setting
  • Training/Racing Log Book-
  • Water Bottle that can be worn while training.
  • Clothing to Participate in ALL weather conditions.

Winter Equipment:

  • Skate Skis
  • Classic Skis
  • Skate and Classic Ski Boots or Combi Boot.
  • Skate and Classic Poles.
  • Larger ski basket options for warm/soft snow
  • Good quality trail running shoes
  • Yoga mat
  • Appropriate Gloves, Toques, Mitts, Face covering (buff)
  • Wool Socks
  • Wicking Layers (not cotton)
  • Warm Up or Training Weight clothing
  • CNSC Race Suit
  • CNSC Toque (ALTAGAS)
  • Glasses or Visors for different light and weather conditions
  • Head Lamp (Mandatory to have on the skier at all evening practices)
  • Watch with a count down repeat setting or HR monitor with a timer on it.
  • Water Bottle that can be worn while training.


All biathletes must have a biathlon rifle. There are a number of club rifles available to new biathletes on a first come first served basis, rental is $160 for the first year and $210 for subsequent years. Athletes who intend to compete for several years in biathlon are encouraged to purchase their own rifle so that it may be adjusted to their particular requirements.

A firearms PAL (possession acquisition license) is required before anyone can take a rifle home for dry firing practice.

All biathletes must pay for the ammunition they use. Typical ammo cost for a year is between $140.00 and $400.00.


AltaGas Coaching Support Program ­ Thank you!


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