Membership Registration Cash/Cheque Day

Sep 10, 2018

Membership Cash/Cheque Day

Let's Make It Awesome

You now know my ultimate goal for the season, 2000+ members. Ambitious but possible. As of TODAY, right now, September 10, 11:36am, we are at 125 members. Let's see if we can up things this weekend. Here is what we are going to do:

1) We will be at the club accepting Cash/Cheque/Debit payments for your membership/program registration. This will allow you to avoid the 3% credit card fee added to online registration.

2) We will do a draw for this season annual season pass. Whether you get your membership online or out at the club, you will be entered. If you win, we will put the cost back on your card.

3) We will be doing a draw for our new Caledonia Nordic Hats (which are amazing).


4) If you bring a friend in to get a membership (a new member), we will take 10% off your membership cost

5) We will have everyone's favorite rental shop staff for you to visit

What more could you ask for?? We look forward to seeing you all out there. It will be a wonderful day for all to enjoy

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