Recreational Skiing information

Feb 4, 2017
As many of you are aware, it is the BC Cup at the Club this weekend. It is a very exciting event for all to enjoy. Come and check out all the action, spectators are always welcome.

For those looking to come out for a nice ski on a beautiful day, but not impact the races, we have a variety of options for you. As the races and activity will be happening in the main stadium area, we have opened up the dog parking lot and lot #4 (located just beyond the main parking lot access on Otway Rd) for all those keen skiers. You will be able to access many of our freshly groomed trails and enjoy some great skiing conditions. Check out the map below for more details. The orange highlighted trails are recommended for the weekend for best conditions and avoiding race traffic. Races will be all done by 4pm on Saturday, and by 1pm on Sunday.

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