From the Trails Manager

Jan 18, 2017
With the temperatures well above freezing and the precipitation we've received this week, grooming has become a futile effort. Prior to the warm up, measurements were made to find an average packed snow depth. We found that we were running on an average of 4" (10cm) base. Keep in mind this is prior to the warm up. With the snow as soft as it is right now (Wednesdsay afternoon, 6°C), even the lightest implements towed behind snowmobiles will sink and disturb the base greatly. This is evident with the footprints in the attached photo, which have sunk in the slush down to near dirt in the stadium.
 It is in the interest of a sustained season that we stay off these conditions with all grooming equipment until the temperature drops below freezing and what snow remains sets up and is therefore manageable. If we were to attempt grooming and were to sink at all, dirt would be stirred up and the life of the trails would be jeopardized for the rest of the season. 

Please bear with us while we ride out this warm spell and hope that we get cooler temperatures and some precipitation in the form of snow. We are just as anxious as you are to get back at it, and provide best skiing possible for our members. 

I am available to answer your questions via email or if you see me around the club.
-Mike Palangio, Trails Manager
Mor informations available on our GROOMING FAQ webpage.

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