Reminder: Programs &Events

Nov 29, 2016

Winter Program Registration Deadline is Thursday, December 1. If you do not have your child signed up, please visit the website to get everyone set up for the coming season. For more information on the programs, please feel free to check out our skill development page.



Please note a Change in Community Coaching Course!

If you are looking at becoming an instructor, please contact us about joining our CANSI Level 1 program with Bruce Bennet. Dates provided, please call Carolyn Thorp, (250)564-3809 for more information.

NCCP Community Coaching Workshop
December 9-11

CANSI Level 1
Sun Dec 18, 830am-430pm
Mon, Dec 19, 5-9pm
Tues, Dec 20, 5-9pm



Calling out for Ski Hosts

The Caledonia Nordic Club loves the support of our volunteers. If you are looking at coming out and skiing the trails, why not act as a Ski Host for the club. This role gives you an opportunity to ski the trails, meet your fellow members and help to ensure the trails are being used responsibly. If you have any interest in assisting in this role, please feel free to contact us in the office at (250)564-3809. We look forward to hearing from you.

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