Trail Works: November 2016

Nov 8, 2016

Recently the trail crew, made up of Ken Hannah, Steve Cutts, Trevor Nelson and Ed Day, as well as the volunteer work crew, have completed the mowing, pruning and signing of all the ski trails and snowshoe trails at Otway. 


A new map is being created to show the rerouted ski trails, junction names and the revised snowshoe trail system. The plan is to have the map available and posted by the time we start skiing.  Aside from the rerouted ski trails, there is now a snowshoe access route from the top of the stairs at the lodge, to the beginning of the trail system just west of the shops.  A winter access route has also been created which goes from Twister to Homerun.  It has been signed so that people can get familiar with it prior to snow.  In the winter, Homerun will no longer be accessed from the main parking lot.  These access trails are designed primarily as winter routes, so they have not been finished to single track biking standards, but they are fine for walking.  Just follow the signs.


Mike Palangio, the new Trails Manager has arrived here recently from Ontario.  He and Ken have been servicing all the snow machines in preparation for our anticipated snowy winter!  Once we get started, there will be a crew of four groomers.  As the season progresses, there will be one or two other groomers working into the system. 


One other thing that may make your visit to Otway more relaxing is the improved outhouse availability.  At Santa’s Cabin there are two facilities.  The out house in the gravel pit has been relocated away from the side of the ski trail.  Out at the Dog track, we have a facility there as well.


We are ready!  Let it SNOW!

Ed Day

Director of Trails & Grooming

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