New Trails Committee

Aug 17, 2021



We have a new Trails Committee!

Thank you to all who took the time to express interest. The committee is intended to be as representative as possible of our diverse membership and user groups (both summer and winter), and to lend expertise and experience on trail-related issues. We hope those who were not selected will consider serving the club in the future, or in another capacity. The following members recently accepted invitations from the Board and have already started providing support and advice. 

Ed Day    
Mark Earle    
Erik Jensen
Leah Paulsen
Gretchen Prystawik
Carolyn Thorp
Bill Warner

Mike Palangio (Trails Manager, ex officio)
Phil Mullins (Trails Director, Chair)

Any changes to the committee membership will be communicated to members via the club web site. It will take us some time to get our processes in place, and we may from time to time seek further expert advice (so we may come knocking), but we're working on it and appreciate your patience and support. If you see any of these folks, thank them for stepping up to serve on this important committee.


Phil Mullins
Trails Director

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