New Ski Trails Update

Aug 17, 2021

CNSC is starting the next and last short phase of work on new ski trails, connecting them into existing trails via a new 540 meter link to Sawmill, at the main upper junction. When completed, this will provide around 10 km of new ski trail for this winter.

Ski Trail Network
• This link will allow access between Terus Hi and the main Sawmill/Lynx junction, providing a more direct option to ski it and/or return to lodge and/or other trails.
• This link configures the new trails into two nested loops with three entry/exit points onto existing ski trails (Top Dog at the bottom, Ridge Runner at Lynx, and Terus Hi just up at Sawmill via the proposed link). So, this 540 m will integrate these new trails into the upper ski trail network, and link to the dog trails.
• Without the link the new trails remain a linking trail (Ridgerunner) with a more distant and remote additional loop (Terus Hi) that has only a single point of access/egress.

Construction Style
This section is being built the same way Ridgerunner was:
• Flag the right of way for clearing at about 8 m width, and then individually select large crown trees outside the 8m for removal if they would impinge upon vertical snowfall.
• Leave fallen trees at trailside, & lop branches and buck the trunks into sections to get as much wood-to-ground contact as possible to enhance earlier decomposition, and decrease fire hazard. This is our best option since we can’t sell the logs and cannot burn them within city limits. Burying is a physical option but not a good financial option, and would result in wider right-of-way clearing.

• The groomers need at least a 5 m width to operate safely, and this leaves a 1.5 m catchment in the right of way on either side of the groomed trail, which helps with sight lines and with snow fall. Beyond the 8 m the concern is trees with a canopy that extends over the trail. We have adjusted the route to avoid cutting any particularly large diameter trees.

• An RP Bio (Registered Professional Biologist) has done a nest sweep and wildlife tree check, and nothing of concern was found.
• There are two stream crossings which are not permanent streams with standing water, but damp areas in drainages that need to be crossed. We have worked over the summer with the Province to locate and properly address these crossings using culverts.
• Having flagged the right of way, there are no large Douglas fir trees included, as very few occur in this part of the forest and they were easily avoided. The trees on this piece of crown land are much smaller than on the Terus_hi private land.

Impact on Single Track Trails
•  We walked this Sawmill Link area and route to ensure it wasn’t interfering with single track trails and to examine the crossing locations.
• The ski trail will run parallel between the single track trails Espresso and Tree Hugger (which is unsanctioned). At the eastern end the ski trail will cross two unsanctioned single track trails (Tree Hugger and Missing Lynx, which are both currently unsanctioned and where these trails run very close to one another).

Please use caution and avoid this area while work is ongoing. We look forward to opening these new ski trails for this coming year, and want to express our sincere thanks to the trail builders volunteering their time, effort, and expertise. 



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