Trail Committee: Call for Interest and Terms of Reference - CLOSED

Jun 9, 2021

CLOSED - We want to thank everyone who expressed interest in joining the committee 

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Call for Expressions of Interest and Process for

Selecting Members of Trails Committee

The Board of Directors is excited to assemble a new Trails Committee! The Trails Committee is comprised of members of the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club. Its purpose is to support and advise the Director of Trails (who volunteers on Board of Directors) and the Trails Manager (who is CNSC staff) by representing diverse user groups and bringing together expertise and knowledge related to trails and trail uses, grooming, maintenance, management, planning, and building. Each member of the committee (and the committee as a whole) is responsible to act and advise for the benefit of the club as a whole (not select projects, agendas, uses, or user groups) in order to provide, enhance, and sustain diverse recreational experiences provided by CNSC and the land base on which they depend.

To be functional, the committee will likely have 6-8 members. The trails committee deals with all trail types across the CNSC network and lands, and will typically review and advise on proposed trail maintenance and development projects, and grooming.  Work upcoming will also include contributing to the development and review of processes for project proponents and trail building at Otway, as well as contributing to the development of a trails master plan for the club.


Members interested in volunteering for the Trails Committee are asked to submit a letter expressing their interest that addresses the following criteria, which will be used by the Board to select committee members.

A.  Why you want to serve on the trails committee, and why you feel the committee is important.

B.   Your recreational activities at Otway, the types of trails and areas you use, how often you use them, and the sort of experience(s) you usually seek and most value (e.g. family time, solitude, fitness, socializing, competition, etc.).

C.   Your history (long or short) with the club and/or other relevant activity that would contribute to the Trails Committee (e.g. public engagement, race course requirements, familiarity with trails and trail usage, experience in trail maintenance, layout, design, building, and/or ecological impact management etc.)

D.  Your ability to represent user groups and/or styles of use, and how you contribute to a committee that is representative of:

i. club members (age, ability, ethnicity, gender, skill/experience level, etc.), 

ii. club activities (competitive and/or recreational skiing, dog owner,

hiking/walking, mountain biking, orienteering, running, snowshoeing, socializing), and/or

iii. club programming (competitions, day camps, school groups, skill development, social events etc. that use the trail network).

E.   Demonstrate a history of contributing to the club as a whole, and a commitment to working towards consensus when possible.


The Director of Trails will review expressions of interest, and work with members of the Board of Directors to assemble a committee that best achieves the objectives outlined here and in the Terms of Reference below. We strongly encourage you to consider whether you have something to contribute in this way to your club, and hope to be tasked with selecting from the embarrassment of riches within our membership!



Caledonia Nordic Ski Club

Trails Committee Terms of Reference


The Board of Directors of CNSC has established a Trails Committee to support the Board and Management in planning and operating club trail systems. The primary goal of the Club is to provide a cross-country skiing facility for its members and the paying public. Broader goals are to provide a year-round facility for non-motorized recreation including, but not limited to, skiing, biathlon, cycling, hiking, running, walking, and orienteering.


The purpose of the Trails Committee is to represent the membership in support of the Director of Trails and the Trails Manager in the planning, development, and management of trail systems to meet club goals.


Mission Statement

▪   To enable the best possible skiing for all club members regardless of their skiing ability, technique choice, or desired experiences.

▪   To manage the longevity of the snow base, while providing cost-effective grooming.

▪   To manage the sustainability of the land base, while enabling cost-effective non- motorized outdoor recreation congruent with Nordic skiing.

▪   To enable the best possible recreational experiences for all trail users including members and non-members.


Authority and Composition

The Director of Trails will act as Chair. The committee will hold a minimum of two meetings annually. The Trails Committee will include the trails director, the trails manager as member, and comprise a cross section of members representative of trail users, and be selected according to criteria set by the Board aimed at the good functioning of this committee.

The Trails Committee is an advisory group intended to provide input to policy and operating decisions at appropriate levels. This is not a decision-making body. The Trails Director will take policy recommendations to the Board for consideration. The Trails Manager will be a staff resource and ex-officio non-voting member of the trails committee, and will take operational recommendations to Management for consideration. Non-voting status is not meant to diminish the value of the Trails Manager’s input—which is essential—but rather insulate this staff position from the politics of issues and committee decisions.

A call for expressions of interest to serve on the committee will be publicly posted annually subsequent to the AGM, and when otherwise needed. The Director will endeavor to identify and recruit committee members from across the club membership to provide age and gender diversity and who can represent a balance of interests including:

▪   Recreational skiers that frequently use a cross section of ski trails at the facility

▪   Competitive skiers that frequently use the ski trails sanctioned for competition

▪   Beginning, senior, or other skiers that rely on a select area of the ski trail system

▪   Members involved in club competitive programs, as well as skill development programs and instruction (SDP)

▪   Members involved in school programs and day camps

▪   Members that frequently use the dog friendly ski trail network

▪   Members that frequently use single-track trails for mountain biking

▪   Members that frequently use single-track trails for snowshoeing

▪   Members that frequently use single-track trails for hiking, walking, or running

▪   Members that have experience and expertise relevant to trail design, mapping, and/or trail building.

These Terms of Reference were approved by the Board of CNSC on June 7, 2021 and may only be amended by the Board.

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