Working Together to Stay Safe

Nov 27, 2020



We are so looking forward opening day, and to an amazing year.

These are interesting times, and we are working to provide an amazing venue where
you can come to safely enjoy the beauty of our facility and our incredible snow laden

First we would like to thank all of our members and staff for supporting COVID related
Provincial Health guidelines and orders while at Caledonia Nordic. You are helping us keep our
club a safe place to train and recreate. We could not do this without everyone’s
support, you are all amazing!

We continue to work diligently to make our facility safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, we have
established practices and protocols at the club that help us all understand how to strictly
follow the guidance and orders from our Provincial Health Office, as well as viaSport,
Cross Country BC Biathlon BC, and our local Health Authority.

As the COVID-19 situation in BC evolves, we expect so will the guidance. Please know
we are working to the very best of our ability to evolve our protocols and practices
where needed to support the safety of all users and staff at our facility.

Here are our asks:

  • When inside any of our buildings, mask wearing is mandatory, and we ask you
    adhere to all measures on the posted signage;
  • When outside please keep your groups small, practice recommended social
    distancing, and wear a mask or face covering when the 2m social distancing can
    not be maintained;
  • We recommend everyone carry a mask or face covering with them so everyone
    is able to ‘mask up’ if they need to;
  • For Skill Development Programs and visiting classes, we ask participants to take
    direction from coaches and staff on how to best support these asks;

We are also working on a Q&A responding questions we are receiving from members
on our COVID protocols or practices for your reference.

The following links are for reference:
CNSC COVID-19 Safety plan
Public Health Officer orders
Cross Country BC
Biathlon BC

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