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Feb 14  4:20pm ....   information from the Jury - the schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be pushed back by 1 (one) hour.   This means an 11:00 start to the day.  Detailed schedule to follow in a couple of hours. 



Facilities      Venue     

Biathlon Range Schematic


Warm-up  and Wax Testing  Maps:    

Wax Testing

Sit-ski warm-up for distance race         

Sit-ski warm-up for Sprints         

Standing warm-up during race starts       

Standing warm-up during sit-ski race


Stadium Maps:

Interval Start_stadium      CC_Sprint_stadium      CC_Relay_stadium


Course Maps:

Sit-ski    Sit_2.0km      Sit_2.5km     Sit_3.0km      Sit_Sprint_1.0km

Standing   Stand_2.0km    Stand_2.5km    Stand_3.0km     Stand _4.0km    Stand_Sprint_1.5km

Relay   Free_Relay_2.5km     Classic_Relay_2.5km   

Daily Schedules:

DCAS General Schedule (Feb 14 update)

February 15 Schedule

February 16 Schedule

February 17 Schedule

Lane Assignments

Feb 15/16 Biathlon Lane Assignments

Start Lists




Team Captains Meeting presentations

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