CANSI XC Instructor Level 3

Date: Feb 17, 2022 8:30 am to Feb 21, 2022 5:00 pm

Be prepared to be on snow 830am.  Course runs 8:30am to 5:00pm each day.

This is a five-day course for XC ski instructors with considerable instructing experience. It will prepare you for teaching the full range of skiing manoeuvres to intermediate skiers. It will help you to conduct complex and adaptive lessons involving detailed and comprehensive skiing analysis and skill-improvement techniques. This course will help you to understand cause and effect for assessment and development and give you precise and detailed knowledge of CANSI methodology and technical concepts.

Why people take this course:
To be able to teach the full range of ski techniques;
To gain expertise in order to handle more challenging teaching situations and more advanced skiers;
To obtain a promotion or pay raise at a club or ski area’s ski school;
To develop a deeper understanding of the pedagogical and technical aspects of skiing;
To pursue course conductor certification in order to train other instructors.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course you will:

Demonstrate, during a lesson, continuous awareness and active management of all safety considerations, whether they are caused by skier traffic, terrain, or environmental issues such as temperature, weather and snow conditions.
Demonstrate precise communication suited to different types of students: all skiers, from beginner to intermediate, recreational to racing; instructors and coaches; all age groups from children to seniors; one-on-one to large groups.
Model approaches to make students comfortable, promote student engagement and inspire students to try new things.
Demonstrate factors for effective group management, lesson considerations and decision making during one-on-one sessions and group lessons.
Demonstrate professionalism while following CANSI’s code of conduct.
Demonstrate effective propulsion, coordination, balance and direction change skills while performing the following skiing manoeuvres on blue terrain suitable for the level of an intermediate skier: diagonal stride, one-step double pole, two skate, offset skate, wedge turns, parallel alpine turns and step turns.
Be able to explain and use the three skills and all movement outcomes of the technical reference for skier assessment and development.
Understand and explain how the three skills and all movement outcomes interact and apply to ski performance during on-snow lessons and through video analysis.
Be able to apply the science of physics and biomechanics for improvement in intermediate skiers.
Be able to identify and explain the effects of ski equipment on a skier’s performance and create tasks to use equipment more effectively.
Demonstrate the effects that physics and forces have on skier performance and integrate these considerations into skier assessment and development.
Demonstrate use of the technical reference and the interaction between movement outcomes using a hierarchy of skill development.
Demonstrate lesson management (e.g., terrain choice, level and frequency of exercises, student interaction, etc.) to refine intermediate skiers’ balance, propulsion, direction change and coordination skills in skate and classic technique.
Demonstrate use of progression to refine intermediate skiers’ control of turn shape and strengthen their ability to maintain balance and momentum while skiing downhill in the track and out of the track.
Demonstrate the ability to refine skiers’ climbing skills by maintaining balance, increasing power and increasing efficiency through tempo changes, coordination, rhythm and propulsion.

CANSI XC Level II Certification

CANSI XC Level III Preparation Self-Assessment
Skiing skills:

We suggest attending a Level III Preparation Workshop that focuses on skiing skill improvement to ensure that your skiing meets the standards required for success in the Level III course.  There is a Level III Prep course taking place at CNSC on Monday Dec 13, 2021.

You may also consider discussing your skiing skills with an appropriate course conductor.
Teaching knowledge:

You should have experience conducting ski lessons with novice skiers using analysis and development strategies in both small-group and private sessions. You should have experience conducting safe and effective lessons with multiple students.

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