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A bear was sited on Karma by our Mountain Bike program before the first junction. The bear moved away and last seen heading down. Remember to be bear aware while on our trails. 

Ski trail development work is underway on the new ski trails (Ridgerunner & Terus_hi) west and south of the dog trails.  We are making good progress but the ground is quite wet and soft in sections and they will take some time to dry out.  We ask that all traffic ( including bikes) stay off these trails for the next couple of weeks to give them time to set up.  The weather forecast is favourable for drying.  Also, the winter debris blockage on Broken Moose has been removed. 

Pittman will be on their property drilling through rock on July 12. The dog trails including Sawmill and Lynx, and East of Espresso, will be closed. Please stay safe and stay off these trails Monday. Thank you! 

A resounding thank you to our supporters Pittman Asphalt and Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) Fund. Pittman Asphalt paved the front entrance of Caledonia's front parking lot. This work is estimated at $40,000. The Northern Development Trust (NDIT) Fund provided $6750 towards the project and Pittman Asphalt made up the difference along with CNSC volunteers coordinating the project. Both Pittman Asphalt and NDIT have been generous supporters of Caledonia. Bye bye potholes! This project will go a long way in safety of turning on and off Otway road. 

CLOSED - We want to thank everyone who expressed interest in joining the committee

The Board of Directors is excited to assemble a new Trails Committee! The Trails Committee is comprised of members of the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club. Its purpose is to support and advise the Director of Trails (who volunteers on Board of Directors) and the Trails Manager (who is CNSC staff) by representing diverse user groups and bringing together expertise and knowledge related to trails and trail uses, grooming, maintenance, management, planning, and building. Each member of the committee (and the committee as a whole) is responsible to act and advise for the benefit of the club as a whole (not select projects, agendas, uses, or user groups) in order to provide, enhance, and sustain diverse recreational experiences provided by CNSC and the land base on which they depend......


Entrance Closure
May 12, 2021

UPDATE: Closure extension - Our main parking lot entrance will be closed until approximately June 18th for paving. Alternate parking for the duration of the project will be our far parking lot, accessible via Otway Road, 200 meters from our main entrance towards Miworth. The gate to this parking lot will be open from 8am-9pm.

Clearing for a new well takes place on May 7th and 8th. It is part of the next phase of snowmaking! The work will be close to the Teardrop and Homerun (the first turn of Teardrop after the dip). Please stay safe by staying off the trails in this area. We appreciate your understanding. 

The CNSC Board of Directors recently hosted two Zoom meetings with members to discuss concerns about trail development. The sessions generated about 90 comments and questions. Answers to these questions are in the link below. 

The 2021-2022 Provincial Team Nominations came out the day following the amazing 24 hour ski by local CNSC Program Athletes. 

The BC Ski Team, BC Development Squad, BC Talent Squad, BC Para-Nordic Team and BC Para-Nordic Squad nominations for the 2021-22 ski year are posted at:

CNSC Program Athletes selected are: 



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