Cold Weather and Temperature Guidelines

Program updates will be posted on the Coach's Calendar and the SDP Calendar,  at the times below if the temperature is close to the cancellation threshold.

Temperatures do not include wind chill.


Rental Shop and Office Closures:

If the forecast high for the day is (-20C) or colder, the Rental Shop and Office will be closed.




SDP Sessions - Bunny Tots, Bunnies, and JackRabbits:

Jackrabbits will not run on very cold days. Our guideline is -15 C with no
wind; however, we will use some discretion (e.g.. cut-off could be -10'C to -12 C' with moderate to high winds)

Tuesdays (-15'C)  @ 4:30 PM

Saturdays (-15'C) @ 8:30 AM 

Please Check SDP Calendar  and website home page for updates


Cross Country - Track Attack (12 and younger):

Tuesday/Thursday (-20C) @ 4:30pm

Saturday (-20C) @ 8:30am

Please Check Coaches Calendar for Updates


Cross Country - Junior Racers (13 and older):

Tuesday/Thursday (-25C) @ 4:15pm

Saturday (-25C) @ 8:30am

Please Check Coaches Calendar for Updates 


Biathlon Shooting Practices:

Juniors, Seniors, Youth (13 and older): 

Saturday (-20C) @ 8:30am 

Evenings (-17C) @ 5:00pm

*We will shoot @ -17 and -20 but not colder. 

Please Check Coaches Calendar for Updates 


Biathlon Bears (12 and younger):  

Saturday (-17C) @ 8:30am

Evenings (-15C) @ 5:00pm

*We will shoot @ -15 and -17 but not colder

Please Check Coaches Calendar for Updates


The official competition day policy for biathlon is -20C at the coldest spot on the course on the morning of the race.


*Possibility to delay morning practices if temperature forecast shows a warming trend




For consistent temperature reading, we use the Stride and Glide weather station in the header of the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club website.


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