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The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (CNSC) within its Otway tenure area has numerous trails for the use of members for skiing and snowshoeing. These trails include both wide trails used for cross-country skiing and narrow trails used for snowshoeing. During the snow free period these trails are used by members as well as the general public for non-motorized activities such as walking, running and biking. During the snow free period, the CNSC does not require membership to utilize these trails and does not receive a monetary benefit from the users of these trails. CNSC does not restrict the use of these trails. Trails commonly contain features such as:

  • Narrow twisting turns
  • Steep slopes which could be slippery
  • Ground level boardwalks over wet areas
  • Bridges over small streams
  • Small ramps to allow travel over roots and logs.

All features known and maintained by the CNSC meet or exceed standards identified by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and the Whistler Trail Standards. Key standards include boardwalks and bridges are of a minimum 20 cm in width and no greater than 60 cm in height for that width. The CNSC club does not promote or maintain any technician terrain features which do not meet IMBA/Whistler standards.

Trails are maintained on regular bases during the snow free period to:

  • Prevent erosion
  • Minimize soil degradation from use during wet periods
  • Ensure required water crossings are in place
  • Identify and minimize hazards such as tree fall, erosion, trail map replacement

The CNSC provides signage for a spectrum of reasons including:

  • Making users aware of distances
  • Making users aware of the relative difficulty of trails
  • Minimize the potential for users to lose their way
  • Identify preferred direction of travel for specific trails

Signage includes

  • Making area maps available
  • Providing area maps at key trail intersections
  • Establishing difficulty ratings of known trails – using standard Green circle, blue square and black diamond symbols

CNSC will make reasonable efforts to identify and mitigate known hazards. CSNC recognizes that it can’t and will not eliminate all hazards to the various users. Users must recognize their responsibility for risk acceptance. This level of risk acceptance is not within the control of CNSC. CNSC makes users aware of some of the potential risks of using trails by providing a warning sign at the main Otway parking area. It identifies that the various trails contain hazards specific to the type of use and the skills of the user. Signage is also provided to identify the trail difficulty rating system in use. It assists users to determine the appropriate trails for their ability.

CNSC obtains general liability coverage to the amount of $5 million for the year round period as required by the City of Prince George. Various special events occur at the Otway facility. These special events will be required to obtain special event coverage through their receptive sport organizations. Examples include: Running events covered through BC athletics, cycling events covered through Cycling BC and skiing events respectively through Cross Country BC or Biathlon BC. CNSC Policies (Approved February 4, 2013) .

Horses are not permitted at the Otway Nordic Centre in any season. The one exception is horses are allowed on the Greenway access corridor. The corridor follows the Greenway summer trail to the NW Hickory Wing Trail then along the marked PG city boundary line corridor toward Miworth road.

During the ski season dogs, are not permitted at Otway except at the dog parking lot and Dog On It trail areas. Dogs may also have direct access to the Greenway along the CNSC Greenway access corridor. During the snow-free season, dogs are permitted at the Otway Nordic Centre. Dogs must be leashed in the parking areas, biathlon range and stadium areas. Owners are obligated to pick up after their dog around the parking lots, facilities and directly on the trails. Dogs must be under control at all times.

Motorized Vehicles:
Except for approved use, motorized vehicles are not permitted on the Greenway or within the Otway Nordic Centre

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Snow phone: 250-649-1144
Phone/Fax: 250-564-3809

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