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Occasionally the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club’s positive and supportive environment may be disrupted by the actions of one or more of its users.  When such disruption continues the overall positive experience of other club members can be affected and the wellbeing of the club is negatively impacted.   In situations where, in appropriate situations, the CNSC code of conduct or the CCBC code of Conduct and Ethics is not being adhered to, as authorized by Section 2c of the Club’s Constitution, the Board may suspend or expel a member.  

Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Action Procedures

When the General Manager or a Board Member receives a report of possible misconduct by a club member they shall immediately report the incident to the Club’s President.

The President will after consultation with the General Manager and others make a determination whether or not to proceed with a review of the incident.

First, the club president and/or other members of the executive committee will discuss the problem privately with the disruptive individual (s)and encourage him or her to help maintain the club’s positive atmosphere. The club should try to rectify the situation before taking steps to sanction the member.

 If the  behavior doesn’t improve, the executive committee may wish to ask the person to resign or to proceed with disciplinary action, which could include suspension or termination of the person’s membership.

If disciplinary action is considered it is important that the individual(s) be offered an opportunity to meet with the Board and

  • Have all of the information about the reasons why the executive committee is considering disciplinary action 
  • Be given enough time to prepare for any meetings.
  • Must have a right to speak at the meeting.

It is critical that the board and its members are not biased or making their decision for personal reasons. 

The outcome of a discipline meeting must be provided in writing to the affected member.

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