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CNSC Trail Grooming Protocol: January 2017

Mission Statement:

  • To provide the best possible skiing experience for all club members regardless of their skiing ability or technique choice.
  • All groups of users at the club should have equavalent attention paid to their grooming needs.
  • To manage the longevity of the snow base, while providing cost effective grooming.

Commencement of Trail Grooming:

  • When there is adequate snow depth to support a snowmobile or similar machines, packing of the lower trails will commence, with the goal of building a packed clean base layer of snow for the remainder of the season. This will be accomplished by track-packing, rolling or using a compacting implement.
  • Track setting may commence when there is an adequate depth of snow to establish the tracks.
  • When the packed base has increased to 13-26 cm (5-10 inches), the heavier snowmobile implements such as the Ginzu and G2 groomers will be utilized, as determined by snow base depth and potential damage to the equipment.
  • When the packed base has built up to approximate 33 cm (13 inches), the Pisten Bully snowcats will be cycled into the grooming program.
  • Once the packed base is adequate for the full range of equipment, grooming will be accomplished with a combination of snowcat and snowmobile implements, to maintain cost effectiveness and grooming quality.
  • The Trails Manager, in conjunction with the General Manager, will determine what grooming equipment will be used on a daily basis, based on snow condition, temperature, objectives for the day and budgetary considerations.

Trail grooming frequency and priority:

  •  Once there is sufficient snow, grooming of the trails will be completed on a daily basis, with consideration given to set up time, weather and temperature conditions. The Trails Manager will evaluate the risk of overworking the snow which results in a breakdown of its molecular structure, resulting on poor skiing conditions for both classic and skate skiers.
  • Grooming operations may be suspended if conditions are unsuitable. This would include rain, warm temperatures followed by forecasted cooling temperature, lack of new snow, excessive snowfall, or satisfactory ski conditions which could be made worse by grooming.
  • Daily grooming priorities will include Pine Flats (Greenway Corridor, Iceman Cut Off, PFC, Pine Flats, Fingers and Para Nordic), followed by the Dog Trails, core areas (X-country and biathlon stadiums, Night Rider, Gravel Pit, etc.).
  • Secondary priorities will include Northern Lights, and one or two mid-elevation trails (Race Maze, High 5, Chute, etc.).
  • As time permits, staff will radiate out to other higher elevation trails. This will be dependent on the need to pack new snow or refresh conditions on those trails.
  • Classic tracks will be refreshed as weather, temperature and snow conditions permit.
  • New tracks will be set when we have new snow or when snow/temperature conditions allow a track to be reset without jeopardizing the logevity of the snow pack. As a result, trails such as Tigger will be reset only when conditions allow since it is a "classic only" trail. Other trails which have a set track(s) and a skating lane, allow the option to refresh the skating lane with the snowmobile with minimal disturbance to the snow pack and without having to interfere with the set track(s).
  • When race or competitive events are being hosted, the recreational trails will be groomer to the highest standard possible on those days, and every effort will be made to have all the recreational trails beyond the competition zone open.

Severe weather grooming:

  • When the temperature drops to below -22 C, snowmobile and possibly snowcat grooming operations may be suspended or postponed until the temperature rises. The Trails Manager, in conjunction with the General Manager, will decide when groomg will take place by elvaluating factors such as temperature, anticipated skier traffic, grooming obligations, machine types to be used, snow conditions and the possible damage to equipment in the extreme cold. Their goal is to balance the anticipated trail use with unnecessary wear on equipment and maintain a safe work environment for outside workers.
  • It is acknowledged that the Trails Manager and General Manager will recognize specific upcoming competitions or other major CNSC events in their decision making process.




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